Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SUSA Philosophy

Two elements are defining of the United States of America: political dissent and free enterprise. Democracy and entrepreneurial innovation are absolutely dependent on the continued vigor of these elements in our society. Consequently, the essential purposes of SUSA are being accomplished when the critical thinking that leads to political dissent and free enterprise is being allowed and taught.

POLITICAL DISSENT: No matter how rigorous its curriculum, SUSA cannot possibly fulfill its purposes if it limits itself to formal classroom instruction, for its true goals encompass preparing and empowering the potential of each individual student in addition to guiding and aiding academic achievement. The American Dream is not so much about getting an “A” grade in calculus as it is in finding:
- the courage of one’s own convictions,
- the perseverance to endure prejudice and hardship,
- the resolve to engage in intelligent risk-taking,
- the value of personal reputation,
- and the ability to both give and receive blessings with gratitude and grace.
In general and in total, these great lessons are learned in living life, and not through classroom lectures. Therefore, SUSA will endeavor to let life be lived under its watchful and encouraging eye, so that its graduates will not only become strong academically, but will also become strong both personally and ethically.

FREE ENTERPRISE: How the stock market works and simple investment strategies will be taught as part of the 9th grade economics class. Small 10-person teams will be formed during that class to engage in an ongoing mock stock market investing competition that will continue throughout the four years of high school as a highly prized SUSA activity.

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