Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Things First (FTF)

FIRST THINGS FIRST (FTF): The SUSA FTF program will be intensive and demanding in the extreme, but it will be so in the context of a friendly and supportive environment that will exist with a bare minimum of school site distractions and with literally no homework obligations.

In a very real way, FTF can be compared to a 7.5 hours per day job that includes a half hour lunch break. Throughout the seven hours of instruction time each day, FTF students will be segregated by gender in different classrooms. Also, they will be required to dress according to a simple dress code, and will submit to a no-nonsense behavior standard that will optimize the learning opportunity for all students. Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated, and expulsion from SUSA will be used as a quick remedy if necessary.

Students must remember that SUSA enrollment is a privilege that comes with certain obligations. The school will serve its students individually and collectively at all times, but that commitment can be made and kept only if SUSA students are likewise committed to the learning process.

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