Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SUSA Chemistry and Economics

CHEMISTRY AND ECONOMICS: AN EXPLANATION: SUSA holds that chemistry is the foundational science on which all laboratory life sciences are built. Therefore, a student is better able to learn and understand biology if the student first learns and understands chemistry—and the same holds for physics to the extent that physics is a life science.

Additionally, SUSA recognizes that there is surpassing value in establishing baseline equity among all of its students by beginning the school’s science instruction with a discipline that is not taught in E-4J middle schools. No student will be advantaged in the least with a working knowledge of the subject matter gained through prior formal instruction. Learning chemistry is the equivalent of learning a foreign language. Furthermore, in terms of ‘Science’, it is basic in all respects. Therefore, SUSA holds not only that chemistry can be learned by all of its students, but also that a working knowledge of chemistry serves as the ABCs for further science instruction.

Economics. At its simplest, Life is about three things: God, Sex, and Money. It is shocking to observe that public education in the United States teaches nothing about God, nearly nothing about Sex, and nothing about Money to the average student at anytime—and by “nothing” I mean NOTHING, and by “anytime” I mean throughout a normal high school education. It is very possible to become highly educated in America today with a graduate degree in a professional discipline and still not have a clue how Money works. In a nation whose very identity is tied to a free enterprise economy, a working knowledge of Money should be an entitlement that is granted to everyone. That it is not is more than an utter failure of the public education system, it is downright criminal.

Nothing maintains the status quo between the rich and the poor in our society as much as the total ignorance of Money among the poor does. How to make and keep a fortune should not be solely a game played among the already wealthy with rules that are secretly passed on from generation to generation within families. President George W. Bush wants Americans to manage their own Social Security money. From the perspective of his growing up in his family and among his family’s friends, that is a reasonable alternative because all of the people in that social strata know how Money works. However, take one small step out of the upper class into the realm of the middle class and you will encounter profound ignorance regarding Money. It should not be this way.

SUSA focuses on economics because it must do so to make The American Dream truly possible for all of its students. The focus will not be limited to classic academic economics, but will also strive to include practical knowledge about individual investing and the basics of starting and managing a business. Certainly, the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money—That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!” by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lecher C.P.A. and other books like it will be part of the curriculum. SUSA will succeed in its purposes if its graduates know the first steps to becoming entrepreneurs—and that is the measure of things.

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